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Our Mission

“Our mission is to create a positive experience by eliminating dental fear and building trust for a lasting relationship between patient and dentist. We make it possible and we do it every day”

Caterina Santagati

More than 20 years of experience

Santagati Odontoiatria is made up of a team of specialists who works in a mutual esteem environment and sharing ideals. Among them, a special emphasis is placed on the psychological well-being of the patient. The team’s biggest asset is to be patient-oriented and to be focused on his\her needs, offering a patient care based on trust, dialogue and understanding.

A modern health centre

Santagati Odontoiatria is a modern dental clinic that combines the most innovative technologies in the field and implementing clinical protocols for operating excellence. Less invasive procedures and high professionality, improving skills with updating and training courses, both for clinical and non-clinical staff; avantgarde technology and instruments. All that with precise protocols regarding standards of safety and hygiene.

Code of Ethics

Correctness. Transparency. Confidentiality.

Santagati Odontoiatria commits itself to comply with the regulations as instrument of self-discipline with the aim of protecting the image and professionalism of every health care service for patients who entrust themselves to it.

Santagati Odontoiatria undertakes to establish a clear and direct communication with every single patient that will actively be involved in the decision-making process for his\her clinical treatment plan in order to have an active role in his\her own health.

Visual devices will be used as demonstration tools to let the patient know the treatment and the possible alternatives and pictures will be taken as well as dental impressions and x-rays exams for the purpose of offering the right diagnosis and presenting simple and intuitive treatment plans.

Our aim is to obtain quality results and excellence in dental hygiene but also in the smile and face aesthetic maintaining the idea that each person is different, so treatments must be customized and formulated in the respect for patients and their emotional sensitivity.

Privacy of patients that chose the clinic, which collects their personal data, must be protected in all forms in full respect of law 675\96 and legislative decree 276\2003. Databases of information and photographic material are exclusively used for purposes connected with medical treatments and, anyway, in the performance of activities related to them, except in the case of explicit consent from the patient.

The structure guarantees for each patient the full respect of the principle of impartiality, excluding discrimination on any ground such us sex, race, nationality, religion or belief, political opinion.

High-Quality Dental Aesthetics

We Connect Ideal Dentists To Their Potential Patients

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Our Mission

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Our Prices

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Our Accomplishments!

We Work with a High rate of Efficiency and Satisfaction in all Treatments.

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