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Orthodontics is a branch of Dentistry that corrects developmental anomalies, dental malocclusion and positioning of the teeth that can alter facial Aesthetics. It can also restore the correct breathing, chewing and phonetic functions of the mouth.

Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry

The best prevention is the correct dental hygiene combined with a healthy diet in order to protect children’s oral health, from deciduous teeth (or baby teeth) to permanent teeth.

Aesthetic and Functional Rehabilitation

Aesthetic Dentistry is the study and realization of those dental restorations that, after fractures, cavities or tooth loss, contributes to restoring and improving aesthetic and functional appearance.


Implantology is the branch of Dentistry that can safely substitute teeth after tooth loss. By inserting a special titanium device (implant) in the bone area of the missing tooth and a fixed dental prosthesis (crown).


Thanks to PAX-I 3D Green Technology, our dental office guarantees the most modern solutions in terms of radiological emissions, better health and environment awareness.

Consciuos Sedation

It is an innovative technical procedure that combines oxygen and nitrogen (gases that are naturally present in the air we breathe) and create nitrous oxide. Breathing that through a mask, patients feel a sense a well-being and calmness during treatment sessions.

Laser Technology

In Dentistry, laser technology is a valid alternative to traditional surgery avoiding the use of surgical instruments. That means less invasive or painful treatments and better results.

Financing and Agreements

Santagati Odontoiatria has agreements with many financing services to offer the patient the better solution to his\her profile.


The branch of Dentistry that studies physiology and pathology in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is the articulation that assists mandibular movements and connected muscles.

Computer-controlled anesthesia

The Wand system is a device for operating computer-controlled anesthesia. Thanks to this technology it is now possible for our patients to have a comfortable and essentially painless dentist visit. The controlled delivery of anesthesia can selectively work in the affected area o tooth, eliminating the annoying and persistent tingling sensation in tongue and lips.

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